Результати Чемпіонату Львівщини сезону 2021/2022

Увага! У зв'язку із неможливістю проведення наступних етапів Чемпіонату Львівщини зі Що?Де?Коли? сезону 2021/2022, оргкомітет Чемпіонату прийняв рішення:
1) Скасувати проведення етапів у Лізі-1 №№ 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
2) Визнати фінальними результатами Ліги-1 результати після 2-го етапу.
3) Вважати Чемпіонат таким, що завершився.

Фінальна таблиця Чемпіонату у Лізі-1:

Детальні результати: https://bit.ly/liga1-2021

Таким чином, чемпіоном Львівщини зі "Що?Де?Коли?" стає команда "Дракони ймовірності". Вітаємо переможців!
На другому місці команда "Герцоги миру", бронзу здобула команда "Highlander".


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In modern years, the integration of unmanned aerial vehicles into wildlife efficiency initiatives has revolutionized the way investigators, conservationists, and wildlife lovers perceive and engage with natural habitats and their dwellers. These automated aerial vehicles present a unique vantage position, supplying explorers with an aerial angle of ecosystems and facilitating them to observe animals communities and their environments more productively and comprehensively than ever previously. By outfitting unmanned aerial vehicles with tailored recording apparatus as well as detectors, preservationists possess the ability to accumulate useful data on animal conduct, dissemination patterns, and environmental condition, assisting more informed choice creating and directed preservation undertakings.

Also, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles fulfill a critical duty in poaching deterrence programs, acting as watchers in the sky to survey preserved areas and spot prohibited actions such as wildlife crime and ecosystem degradation. Their stealthy nature and capacity to cover vast areas make them invaluable devices for law enforcement officials agencies and principle associations striving to handle wild animals crime and safeguard endangered species.

More than their functional uses, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles also provide a potent informative tool, allowing specialists to engage the public and elevate consciousness about the relevance of wild animals conservation. By captivating aerial clips and captivating virtualencounters, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can inspire individuals to connect with the natural world on a better degree and be advocates for the preservation our force of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles as well as stimulating virtual experiences for the Earth's planet's diverseness.

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